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Developed and produced in Italy by Enolapi the sterilised pollen portion of this product supplies the protein element in addition to the carbohydrate element derived from the fondant of this bee food. Candipolline Gold is very useful in early spring particularly to prevent isolation starvation and when the bees are unable to go out to forage for the pollens of our own nature plants during inclement weather whilst the spring brood in the hive is rapidly developing.  We have used Candipolline Gold in conjunction with Belgosuc Fondabee over the past five years with great success and particularly in springs when the weather has been very variable.


Beet sugar (sucrose) sugar syrup, pollen, caseinate , allumen, glycerine, vitamins E300, L asorbic acid (vitamin C) 400IU/kg.

Analytic Constitutions:

Sugar   93.35%

Crude Fibre  <1.5%

Crude Ashes  <0.5%

Crude Protein 1.38%

Crude Oil & Fat <0.25%

Calcium  45mg/kg

Phosphorous  108mg/kg

Sodium  57mg/kg

Methionne  <LQ

Lysme   <LQ